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Frequently Asked Questions

1. My Dukan Shop

1.1 What is the Dukan Shop?

The aim of our slimming e-shop, as part of monitoring the various phases of the method, is to gather together all the tools, products, natural food supplements and utensils that can help  in weight loss. These products are selected according to their qualities, benefits and prices. Only those that have demonstrated a real benefit and could take advantage of a community price were selected. Among the Dukan Shop products, you may find Regime Dukan branded products. .

1.2 How to contact us with any specific requests

If you need personalised advice when ordering, please call us:

UK & Abroad: +33 1 47 03 15 00
From Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, excluding weekends and holidays.

1.3 I have a question about the plan...

Specific questions about will not be processed.

Please contact :

UK & Abroad: +33 1 47 03 15 00
From Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, excluding weekends and holidays.

or visit for any questions concerning The Dukan method or if assistance is needed to register for a coaching program.


2. My account

2.1 How to create an account

To create an account, simply go to "My account" section then click on the button “Register" to fill out the registration form for new customers.

2.2 Is my personal information secure?

All the information you provide when you visit the site is strictly confidential (as per the data protection act 2003). Under no circumstances will it be sold or given to any third parties. If you wish, you can change or delete any of your details at any time under "My Account". For further information, please visit our Privacy Policy section.

2.3 How do I access or change my profile?

If you are following a coaching at, please enter the same user name and password as you use for the Coaching. By doing so, you will get substantial discounts on our regular prices (up to 15% off!). Please note that your email isn’t required if you are already registered with and your account is active. Note though, physical address will be required for shipping, so you might be asked to fill a short form after logging-in.

It is my first time...

For first time registrations, an email account will be required. Go to the "Log on" section or to the identification box in the top banner of the site (visible throughout your browsing session), and sign up by entering your personal data. You will be transferred into your personal space. No emails confirmation, not more steps to follow!

Once in "My account", the system will allow you to change your personal data stored in your account, at any time. In this way you can modify your personal details, email address, password, and subscription of our newsletters. Click "OK" at the bottom of the form to validate the changes. Your personal information has the following objectives:
• To carry out your purchase smoothly, from ordering to delivery
• To improve our services to you which, in turn will give you a better customer experience.
Any personal information you give to us will always be processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act (2003). As we manage some of your personal data, we are delighted to inform you that we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, number Z2408672.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6/01/1978, you also have the right to access and amend your information, by writing to this address:

Regime Coaching, 6 rue du Chevalier de St George - 75001 PARIS

2.4 What are the sections in "My Account"?

My orders
In this section, you can easily view the history of your orders. In particular, you can track the status of your orders. In addition, if you want to print your invoice, click on "Download your invoice in PDF format".

My personal information
You can modify your personal details here.
Your personal details include: Your name, email address, password and the subscrition status (subscribe / unsubscribe) of our newsletters.

Click "Save" at the bottom of the form to save the changes.

My address book
You can change the existing address or add a new address by clicking on "Add address". You can thus create a directory of addresses, e.g. home, work, etc.

Manage My Account
This space includes all the information concerning your customer account:
History and details of your orders
(look up delivery and ETA's tracking; print an invoice in PDF format, etc.), Credit notes, Personal information, Product returns,Addresses and Vouchers.

My newsletter
If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, you can uncheck the appropriate boxes.


3. My orders

3.1 How to order?

You will find all of our products by clicking on the heading of your choice:

Oat bran specialities
Konjac specialities
Food supplements
Food flavourings
Cook with Dukan
Dukan treats

To order, simply add your items to your basket with the "Add to my Cart" button shown below each item. You can change the quantity desired.

Remember you can always view your order by clicking on "Cart" at the top right of our site. By doing so, you will then find the summary of your order. By clicking on "confirm your order", the delivery address appears. At this stage you can choose one of your shipping addresses in the dropdown menu, or add a new address.

Choose from the shipping options. Please read and click the box of Terms and Conditions of Sale in order to continue.

NB: Once your order is confirmed, the shipping address cannot be changed!

Go to the payment stage of your order by either:
Secure Payment System


3.2 I cannot find a specific item

You can always find a product at any time using our search engine. Enter the first letter of the desired product in the box provided for this purpose on the right of the site.

3.3 What happens after I have made an order online?

If you paid by credit card, you will receive an email a few minutes later confirming that your order has been registered and is being processed; then an email confirming payment. will be shortly issued. Please check our section about the payment options for further information. Your order will be shipped as soon as possible.

For more information on the delivery of your package, view our delivery information.

3.4 I made an interruption with my online order. Will my order be registered?

As long as your payment has not been validated, you can always go back to your cart again to re-register a payment.

3.5 My payment was declined

If your payment was declined, your order will not be processed. You will need to place a new order.

3.6 I want to add an item?

If your order has been definitively confirmed, you will have to place a new order.

3.7 How do I cancel my order?I have already made the payment.

Once your order is confirmed and paid, it is not possible to cancel it. This is because it is automatically sent to our logistics department for processing. You have 7 days from the date of delivery of your package to exercise your right of retraction. The delivery date of the order constitutes the starting point of this period.

The return or cancellation may affect all or part of the command.

Note that shipping costs are your responsibility.

To ensure the proper management of returns, please contact our customer service as soon as possible: Either in the section "Contact us", Or by telephone:
UK & Abroad: +33 1 47 03 15 00
From Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, excluding weekends and holidays.

For more information, please see our "Terms & Conditions of Sale"

3.9 What should I do if I do not receive acknowledgement that my order has been registered?

If you do not receive acknowledgement that your order has been registered by email, please contact us: either by "Contact us" form, or by telephone:
UK & Abroad: +33 1 47 03 15 00
From Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, excluding weekends and holidays.

3.10 How do I obtain an invoice?

Once your order is confirmed by our services, you can find your invoice online in "Manage your account /detail and history of my orders" by viewing "Your Orders." You can then print or save your invoices in PDF format.

3.11 VAT

If you are a customer outside the EU or in the overseas territories, the invoice will be issued without VAT. You must pay VAT on delivery according to the rules of the country of delivery. In general the amount of the tax is calculated on the price of the goods plus carriage and insurance costs and customs duties.

For example in Switzerland, VAT at the standard rate is 7.6% and is payable at the time of importation, in Swiss francs in cash.

3.12 Import Taxes

All orders delivered to overseas territories or outside the EU may be subject to any local taxes, customs duties, and dock dues and customs clearance upon delivery. You are responsible for  making the applicable payment if any such should occur.

Customs duties vary depending on the nature of the goods and of each jurisdictional area. Check with the relevant authorities of the country of delivery.

4. Payment

4.1 What payment methods do we offer?

To pay for your order, you have the following payment methods available: Paypal and Secure Payment System. Please visit our Payment options section for further information.

4.2 Is online payment secure?

Yes. All information about your order, including online payment by credit card, is protected. The entire transaction takes place on a secure server (SSL) and your credit card number is encrypted. You can buy online in total security. The data you enter concerning your credit card are not stored with us.

4.3 How can I find more information about your products?

You can contact us by phone:
UK & Abroad: +33 1 47 03 15 00
From Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, excluding weekends and holidays.

5. Your Delivery

5.1 Where do we deliver to?

We deliver everywhere in the UK. IWe are working to delivery everywhere in the world except in some countries: for further information about it, please check our french site:

Don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to be delivered in your country. Let us know!

5.2 What are the delivery methods?

Packages are sent by HDNL Services and shipped by "HDNL tracking", and therefore

can be tracked. This is because a unique number is assigned to each parcel. You can follow delivery progress at the following address HDNL tracking details by entering the number you find on the email informing you that your package has been shipped from our warehouse.

You will be also able to follow the process within your Account.

5.3 What are the delivery times?

A period of 72 hours (3 working days) is usually observed between the time you order and the time your package leaves the warehouse.

Packages are delivered within 3 working days of leaving the warehouses. An email is sent to you confirming shipment of the product, with a tracking number for the package.

Find out all the information about this in Postage et Delivery section.

5.4 Can I choose where to have the package delivered?

At the time you order, you can specify a delivery address different from your invoicing address.

5.5 My order has been shipped and I have noticed a mistake in the shipping address...

We suggest that you contact HDNL quickly to alert of the error, so that we can redirect the order if possible.

5.6 What happens if I am not there at the time of delivery?

If you are absent or it is impossible to hand over your package, HDNL will try and leave your parcel with a neighbour. If this is not possible, they will leave an advice of delivery notice giving you the details to contact them and ask to be delivered again.

This service some with a signature from the person who took the goods.

Your package may be left in your mailbox if it is accessible

5.7 The parcel tracking system indicates no information...

If your parcel has been shipped only recently, please wait until your package information is updated by the chosen carrier. If your package was shipped over 30 days ago, please contact us quickly so that we can make enquiries at the responsible carrier.

5.8 The package I received is damaged

If on delivery you find a defect in your package (box with visible traces of opening and/or damage), we recommend you to refuse your package, which will be then automatically returned to our warehouse.

You need to check the visible condition of products upon delivery. If there is a visible anomaly (damage, missing product in relation to the delivery order, damaged package, broken products, etc.) please report it within 3 bank days by email via the "Contact us" section.

It is essential that you keep the items in the state in which they were delivered (including accessories, instructions, packaging and inner wrapping). If the products need to be returned, email a request for a product return via the "Contact us" section or write by regular mail to the following address:

Regime Coaching - Ma Boutique Régime Dukan - 6 rue du Chevalier de St George - 75001 PARIS.

5.9 I want to return a product to have it checked

You have 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods to exercise your right of retraction, in accordance with our general conditions of sale. For this you must return your item properly protected, in its original packaging, in perfect condition for resale (not damaged or soiled); the cost of return shipment is at your expense. To return a product, please contact us via the "Contact Us" section.

Opened products cannot be returned or exchanged.

5.12 I want to exchange an item

Our store does not exchange any items.

5.13 Where can I find your products?

All our books are available in bookstores. You can find our slimming supplements in organic stores and pharmacies. Food flavorings and specific products for Dukan Diet can only be found in our site. If you have further questions, please contact us via the "Contact Us" section or see our "Terms & Conditions of Sale".


My Dukan Shop is an e-commerce shop that offers products for those who want a healthy diet and want to control their weight without frustrations. You will find a handpicked selection of food supplements and delicious products not only adapted to the Dukan method but also for everyone who is to keep an eye on healthy habits. Fat burners, detox treatments, food flavorings, books and the bestsellers oat bran and low calorie Konjac pasta… Our on-line catalogue presents a wide range of healthy solutions for everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of his/her weight. You will also find a great variety of delicious and light recipes that will please your taste buds and your shape.

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