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Dukan ® Quality

Innovation policy
- Dukan ® develops products to help people who want to lose weight, especially those who want to maintain it. - Dukan ® develops products for those who want a healthy diet and want to control their weight without frustration. How do you fight off temptation and keep yourself motivated? To help you, Dukan develops tasty gourmet products while strictly limiting sugars, flours and fats responsible overweight.
- Dukan ® develops products that are simple, effective and practical, suitable for the day: sweet and savory snacks, tasty meals ready to heat.
- We keep a close eye on the trends, using natural ingredients such as: oat bran, konjac and plants with the virtues traditionally recognised for their benefits. Each new project is thus subject to precise specifications, formulated in collaboration with dietitians in respect of the Dukan method ®.

Quality of our ingredients
Throughout the process of developing our products, we are careful in choosing our ingredients, our recipes and our industrial partners.

- Our Oat Bran M2bisB6 was developed specifically for the Dukan method: the size of the particles makes it unique.
- Made from Organic Farming in Finland, it is a high quality product we have selected carefully.
- Oat bran M2bisB6 is used in the manufacture of all our products in the Oat Bran category (biscuits, bars, cereals).
- We paid the same attention to the development of organic wheat suitable for all our recipes for the Method.

- Root crop in Asian countries. Konjac is the new flagship ingredient of the Dukan Method ®.
- It is mainly composed of glucomannan, a soluble fiber with a high absorbency power and, when ingested, it causes a feeling of satiety.
- We have developed a range of products made with konjac glucomannan.

- Our supplements have been specifically formulated in the framework of the Dukan Method ®.
- We have selected natural ingredients known for their slimmer efficiency.
- The majority of our supplements have been formulated and manufactured in France.
- All our capsules are 100% vegetable origin.
- The birch sap comes from organic farming in Finland. No heat treatments, no preservatives or pesticides, it is a 100% natural product traditionally consumed in the Scandinavian countries.

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My Dukan Shop is an e-commerce shop that offers products for those who want a healthy diet and want to control their weight without frustrations. You will find a handpicked selection of food supplements and delicious products not only adapted to the Dukan method but also for everyone who is to keep an eye on healthy habits. Fat burners, detox treatments, food flavorings, books and the bestsellers oat bran and low calorie Konjac pasta… Our on-line catalogue presents a wide range of healthy solutions for everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of his/her weight. You will also find a great variety of delicious and light recipes that will please your taste buds and your shape.

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