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Check out our promotions, which will allow you to save on Dukan products. Then treat yourself!
You can also find our latest products. Let yourself be tempted by new, healthy and delicious flavours!
  1. Konjac Rice 3 = 6
    Konjac Rice 3 = 6
    £ 26.76 £ 13.38
  2. 2=3 Mini shortbre...
    2=3 Mini shortbreads with parmezan cheese
    PROMOTION 2=3 Mini shortbreads with parmezan cheese
    £ 12.72 £ 8.48
  3. Bretzels crackers
    Bretzels crackers
    They’re like Bretzels, but contain more than 90% of oat b...
    £ 3.24 £ 2.27
  4. Plain Oat Bran Ba...
    Plain Oat Bran Bar with linseed
    These Dukan® bars combine tasty cereals with a tender tex...
    £ 3.59
  5. Hazelnut - Chocol...
    Hazelnut - Chocolate Oat Bran Bars
    All the benefits of  oat bran and the greed of a chocolat...
    £ 3.59 £ 2.51
  6. Chocolate Oat Bra...
    Chocolate Oat Bran Biscuits with Chia Seeds
    Tasty oat bran cereal combined with crunchy chia seeds an...
    £ 4.37 £ 3.06
  7. Pack 5 = 6 Noodles
    Pack 5 = 6 Noodles
    £ 27.00 £ 22.50
  8. Chocolate Cream x6
    Chocolate Cream x6
    Chocolate Cream x6
    £ 17.52 £ 10.80
  9. Vanillla Cream x6
    Vanillla Cream x6
    Vanillla Cream x6
    £ 17.53 £ 10.81
  10. Specialty Konjac ...
    Specialty Konjac Rice x3
    Konjac Rice x3
    £ 13.38 £ 6.69
  11. Oat Bran x3
    Oat Bran x3
    Oat Bran x3
    £ 13.45

My Dukan Shop is an e-commerce shop that offers products for those who want a healthy diet and want to control their weight without frustrations. You will find a handpicked selection of food supplements and delicious products not only adapted to the Dukan method but also for everyone who is to keep an eye on healthy habits. Fat burners, detox treatments, food flavorings, books and the bestsellers oat bran and low calorie Konjac pasta… Our on-line catalogue presents a wide range of healthy solutions for everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of his/her weight. You will also find a great variety of delicious and light recipes that will please your taste buds and your shape.

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