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Devorcal is a highly-efficient calorie burner that targets both proteins and fats. It is our internet users' favourite slimming supplement. Its active ingredient is Acigrine®, also known as the dry extract of cider vinegar.

How Devorcal works:
The properties of vinegar
in weight control are twofold - the first is a lysis action on proteins, while the second involves a cleansing effect on fats. It has little effect on sugars.
This dual action on weight control is recognised by both modern and traditional medicine across the globe. Its highly-effective properties have been recorded in England (Appleford study), the United States (Dr. Jarvis School, Vermont), Asia (especially in Japan, where several slimming drinks are made from rice vinegar), Australia and North Africa.
Apple pectin 
is the main active ingredient that gives this fruit its powerful satiating effect.
Cider vinegar and pectin combine
their effects to attack protein or fat-rich foods head-on, while satisfying hunger at the same time.

Specific effects during the 4 Dukan Phases:
The effect of Devorcal is specific to the Cruise phase
. During the attack phase, weight loss is so easy and rapid that there is no need for any reinforcement.
During the cruise phase, weight loss slows down and Devorcal is there to support you by preventing the inevitable periods of stagnation that can be discouraging and lead to overeating due to lack of motivation.
During the Consolidation period, Devorcal takes on a less prominent role, since this phase's aim is to simply avoid regaining weight after dieting and to reintroduce more calorie-rich foods and complex carbohydrates. It can nevertheless be used effectively during the two gala meals or in the event of weight regain due to overeating.
In the final stabilisation phase, Devorcal can be used in the event of weight fluctuation. It has often been observed that seasonal weight fluctuations occur over the long term. These temporary lapses require targeted action; Devorcal will help you control and maintain your Dukan Diet True Weight.

To be taken during meals, neither before nor after, when digestion is already in progress:
-During slimming phase: 2 Devorcal capsules at the beginning of each meal for 1 month (a 3-month treatment is recommended)
-During the weight stabilisation phase: 2 Devorcal capsules should be taken in the event of excessive eating or to neutralise an overly rich, fatty, sweet or calorific meal.

Devorcal is a highly-efficient calorie burner that targets both proteins and fats.
37-day treatment, to be repeated as required.
Specific to the Cruise phase


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